The Game

Space Run Galaxy is the sequel to Space Run, a game made by one-man studio Passtech! Space Run appealed to hundreds of thousands of gamers worldwide thanks to its original and dynamic gameplay. Space Run offered a new twist on Tower Defense by introducing a new and addictive real time spaceship construction strategy experience. Space Run Galaxy is set to be an even more ambitious game that will improve on the unique and original gameplay of the first game while introducing new features in a new persistent online universe.

The story starts 20 years after Space Run. Captain Buck Mann now owns his own intergalactic courier service and you're one of his Space Runners. Your job? Deliver precious goods from planet to planet, in the fastest way possible. Customize your spaceships with numerous weapons and different modules such as laser turrets, missile launchers, energy shields, generators, engines… but leave enough room for your cargo! Engage your engines full throttle – the faster you arrive, the bigger the reward.

Venture into the depths of space and travel across a vast galaxy, which includes four solar systems, and over 50 zones to explore across more than a hundred different runs… New gameplay features are also introduced to this already huge content:

  • Online players contracts: accept contracts or missions created by other players for even larger rewards and endless hours of gameplay!
  • Intergalactic player market: exchange all the goods you've earned during your runs with other players – be ready to negotiate to get the best price possible!
  • New fret companies = risky missions: dare to transport fragile XenoPrime cargos or highly dangerous weapon prototypes from The Force, which may also damage your own spaceship…
  • New dangers lurk in space: new types of bosses, new pirate spaceships and most of all, huge new space monsters!
  • High degree of customization: buy new spaceships and upgrade them by customizing their shape, size and colors. No restrictions are imposed on the spaceship you can use for your missions, you're completely free to use whatever weapons you want.
  • Story

    20 years after Space Run's events, meet back with Buck Mann now at the head of an intergalactic startup specialized in space transport of goods. You're lucky, he's looking for a new Space Runner and he's willing to give you a chance. Who would have thought that the legendary Buck Mann would even look at your resume? Now's the time to prove what you're worth; space is full of danger and demanding clients. Assisted by your droid, Evve-36, you'll be in contact with XenoPrime's scientists, The Force's soldiers, the multinational Big Cargo and many other companies, which will hire you for high-risk missions. From planet Tortuga's orbital belt underworld to the Ceti space station and Colony L-87, you'll need to protect your cargo from asteroid fields, pirates and aliens whose recent arrival in human solar systems cause great disturbances…

    Customize your spaceships

    Manage your fleet

  • Accept contracts and deliver goods as fast as possible to gain rewards, experience, Space Credits and construction material. Spend your Space Credits to buy new spaceships and construction materials required to upgrade them and customize their shape and size. Use your construction materials to build better equipment: laser turrets, rocket launchers, mine throwers, and so on. Protect your defenses by building shields to absorb damage, and improve your speed by adding better reactors. Two new modules are also added to your Space Runner inventory: amplifiers and connectors. An amplifier will… amplify your modules efficiency. When placing two amplifiers next to a basic laser turret, you'll upgrade its beam to a devastating laser! Be sure to strategically place these amplifiers on your spaceship. Connectors will help you place your modules by spreading amplifiers and shields' effects to the entire spaceship.
  • Special abilities

  • Your defense and attack modules are revamped in Space Run Galaxy. They all benefit from new special abilities that you can use when necessary. A huge asteroid charges you? Aim well with your turret and engage the "manual aim" to destroy it in a blink of an eye. All of your active abilities rely on a new feature: Focus. When your Focus is down to 0, you'll need to recharge it before you can actually engage another ability. You can extend your Focus gauge by increasing your speed, and thus by adding reactors to your spaceships.
  • Explore the galaxy…

    Venture into the depths of space and travel across a vast galaxy, which includes four solar systems and over 50 zones to explore for more than a hundred different runs… Collect merchandise on Ceti space station and choose the shortest route to deliver them to Colony L-87. You can also opt for a detour toward another spaceport to move your resources or to take advantage of another merchant's great prices. There are many galactic routes, so choose well. Discover shortcuts while traveling in between planets and find uncharted areas.

    … Escape dangers

    Delivering goods from one spaceport to another is not an easy job. While timing is important, it is even more essential that the cargo arrive in good condition. It will be vital to load and properly position your laser canons, missile-launchers, shields and reactors in real time. Create the most efficient synergy between your modules to optimize your speed, your defense and your firepower simultaneously. Indeed, space is full of space pirates and meteorite fields that can damage your spaceship. Space Run Galaxy also introduces new dangers, new heavily armed bosses, even more formidable pirate fleets and especially gigantic space monsters!


    Commission other players

  • You're not the only Space Runner in the galaxy! Many other players are also in the market for adventure and rewards. You don't have time to deliver radioactive waste to Nuclear Star, while transporting your personal resources to upgrade your spaceship? No problem. Commission other online players from the Space Run Galaxy community. Get their help to transport your resources to your designated spaceport in exchange for some Space Credits. Create your circle of friends, and help each other to advance in your Space Runner carrier.
  • Intergalactic market

  • Trade the resources you earned during your runs with other players. Modules, material, raw materials… everything can be exchanged on the black market. Goods for sale immediately become goods to buy for every other Space Runner. Pay close attention to the stock market to avoid paying more than necessary! Be ready to negotiate to earn as much as possible on the goods you're selling or to lower the price of the materials you're willing to buy.
  • The Companies that will hire you

    In space, many companies need to transport people, weapons or goods from one place to another. Get to know some of those companies that will entrust you with more or less dangerous missions during your ventures throughout the galaxy. And remember: Tthe more dangerous the mission, the higher the reward!

    XenoPrime is a biomedical research institute specialized in scientific experiments on all kinds of life forms. It will usually contact you in order to transport extremely fragile cargo (incubation reservoirs, genetic decoder or even alien species). It is interested in newly-discovered alien life forms - for the sole purpose of improving humanity, of course! It is convinced that nothing is more important than scientific progress and is thus prepared to do anything in the name of research… even if that means putting the life of the commissioned Space Runner in danger. XenoPrime's manager is Simon Gibbons, a very smart, genetically-modified monkey with a biting sense of humor. He loves bananas, but that's just a stereotype.

    Motto: We make science "interesting"

    The Force builds devastating weapons, in the name of maintaining peace. It will ask you to carry its prototypes to "risky" zones. What it forgets to tell you is that its unstable prototypes may damage your own spaceship. The Force encompasses all human armies, which makes it economically very viable and even profitable. It is aware of the costs associated with maintaining an army and prefers to hire efficient and cheap contractors. The Force takes its role as protector of the human space conquest very seriously, which explains why it wants to put its hands on alien technologies. Your contact will be Sam Stone, an unfriendly high-ranking soldier, enhanced with a bionic arm and eye (some say Sam has other bionic limbs). He's a serious man who'd rather kill you than talk with you.

    Motto: Force is always legit!

    The beautiful Susana Siren runs Big Cargo: she is the CEO, CFO and COB. BC (as it likes to be called) is the major transportation company in the known worlds. No cargo is too big, too small or too dangerous for the company. It didn't grow that big by always playing it safe (or legal). An ex-mega super model, Susana is ruthless. She married BC's founder, Dick Latour, who died in his sleep during their honeymoon. At least, that's the official story. Susana took over the company and grew it from a big company to a huge company. Some say that Ms. Siren can convince anyone to do anything. BC has its own courier team, but they have so much work that it regularly has to hire freelance pilots like you. Many of the regulars are less than welcoming to new recruits like you.

    Motto: You got it! We get it there!

    Nuclear Star is a big company specialized in fuel and nuclear waste. Its products are so dangerous to carry that its insurance company will only cover it if it hires freelancers. It is a faceless company. Sure, Nuclear Star has stockholders and a board, but its people are very secretive, they like to keep as low a profile as possible. When your cargo can go off with a "BOOM" at any second, you don't want to attract too much attention. People will always need fuel and to get rid of their nuclear waste, so Nuclear Star doesn't need advertising - it has more than enough demand.

    Motto: Radioactive done right!

    VIP Travel is an enterprise for people with more money than sense. VIP Travel lets people discover all the "joys of space travel". Eccentric mega billionaire Brandon Richards runs the company. He's a nice guy, but totally oblivious to the dangers of space. VIP hires you to transport cabin passengers, who are there to enjoy the scenery. They want the best possible view, so they all need a window seat - which makes them more difficult to protect.

    Motto: We show stars the stars…

    Out of This World is managed by a group of strange people claiming to be space archeologists and explorers. Out of This World asks you to carry mysterious alien artifacts. Of course, you have no idea how these people got their hands on these items. Some artifacts inflict penalties on you, while others grant you bonuses. When you deal with Out of This World, prepare for odd-looking - and strange behaving - "humans" to go out of their way to convince you of their humanity.

    Motto: Trust us, we're humans just like you…

    The Service companies

    Dans l’espace, il existe de nombreuses sociétés ayant besoin de transporter des personnes, des armes ou encore des matériaux, d’un point A à un point B. Découvrez quelques-unes des sociétés qui vous donneront des missions plus ou moins risqués lors de vos trajets à travers la galaxie. Plus une livraison est risquée plus la récompense sera à la hauteur du danger !

    Merchants are scattered across the galaxy, selling and buying all sorts of things to and from Space Runners. Every merchant offers different products, at various prices. It's up to you to find the best deals! Besides that, some merchants will give you specific missions in order to replenish their stocks, and fill up your pockets. The Merchant Guild, often referred to as "The Guild", is a nomad community in which members call themselves "cousins". For them, everything is for sale! Their goal is to buy at the lowest price possible to then resell at the highest price. When you deal with the merchant guild, you will be talking to Madame Roma - a beautiful and incredibly persuasive woman.

    Motto: Nothing is too small or too big to be sold." (Secret Motto: A new chump is born every second).

    Located at various places in the galaxy, mechanics let you buy new equipment to upgrade your spaceship. Mechanics are specialized in specific areas; so they don't all sell the same things at the same price. You will have to travel across the universe to find the missing pieces for your spaceship. Mechanics think of themselves as unknown heroes who help humanity in its space conquest. These men, women and robots work hard, but are often run down by pilots. The Conglomerate chief is a four-arm robot named MaCk with a bad mouth – its creator had to censor it for the sake of business. MaCk is very friendly, though it's clear it knows you need it more than it needs you.

    Motto: We're too busy to lose time and come up with a motto.

    The Spaceport offers two functions: store/upgrade your spaceships and use intergalactic teleportation. Every Space Runner can use this network to safely move from one spot of the galaxy to another. But be careful, teleportation doesn't work for your resources that will stay behind on the planet you left them on.

    Motto: All the pleasure is ours.